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Type: X264

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Group: RCDiVX

#1 SBS

#2 TS

#3 RTT

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#6 AR

Writer(s): Steen Rasmussen / Michael Wikke

Year: 2019

Rating / Votes: 6.4 / 36



We meet the boy Viggo in ''Gooseboy'', who lives and breathes for his virtual reality game. But one day, when a goose crash lands on his balcony, and it turns out that the goose can talk, Viggo's life is forever changed. The goose is desperate to catch up with his flock, but he has a broken wing, so Viggo is forced to step up and help his newfound friend. Together, they go on a wonderful, colorful and fantastic journey, which turns out to be far more demanding than Viggo could ever have imagined.