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Year: 2016

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25 yr Navy guy with wife and children relocate to 100 acre homestead in Missouri countryside to get their children away from gang violence in Colorado and t homestead on their own property. Both the wife and son have Type 1 Diabetes. Entire family is trying to help dad with the cows, horses, pigs, cats, dogs, but the fences are down, a few newborn cows and pigs didn't make it. Mom cans and freezes food from her vegetable garden. Their house is 100 years old and coming apart. A lot of snowfall and rain this past year has not helped. They need the Rainey's help to save their homestead. Now they are faced with tornados all around them and have no place to run or hide from the storm. Existing storm shelter falling apart since it is 100 years old, filled with bugs, spiders and snakes; Contact me at and I will put you in touch with a desperate family who need the Rainey's help with their homestead. He served his country and could really use their help. Written by debreecelewis