Campus 12 S02E41 FLEMISH DVDRip x264-BARGAiN


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Group: BARGAiN

Genres: Mystery

#1 TS

Writer(s): n/A

Year: 2018

Rating / Votes: 8.6 / 9



One day, Bo just vanishes from the face of the earth. Her twin brother, boxer Noah, seems to be the only one who even remembers that she ever existed. How is this possible? How is it that he cannot find even a single photo with Bo in it? Noah is determined to get to the bottom of this. When it turns out that the key to the mystery surrounding Bo is linked to the theatre owned by the elitist Vincke family, Noah has to become a member of their choir 'The 12'. For Noah's down-to-earth boxing family, this is the last place they'd go. The two families hate each other. However, Noah discovers that they might be more alike than he thought and he finds unlikely allies to get to the heart of the dark mystery of Bo's disappearance. Written by Beta Film GmbH