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Genres: Adventure / Game-Show / Reality-TV

#1 TS

Writer(s): Charlie Parsons

Year: 2000

Rating / Votes: 7 / 461



Each season, two teams of candidates (e.g. Flemish versus Dutch, or men v. women) are shipped to an exotic -notably South East Asian- desert island, where they must survive and compete -first as groups, after the 'merger of both camps' individually- in various tests of endurance, knowledge, dexterity etc. (these and other modalities of the formula are deliberately changed, in order to remain unpredictable) either for rewards -such as food, survival tips, phone time- or, crucially, immunity in the elimination votes, which tend to taint every other test with tactical intrigue. The ultimate winner gets the annual title "Robinson 200x". Written by KGF Vissers