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Group: LOST

Genres: Action / Sci-Fi

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Writer(s):Lana Wachowski / David Mitchell / Aleksandar Hemon


Rating / Votes:5.7 /237,763


Suffering from palpable delusions, burnt-out Thomas Anderson, the award-winning creator of The Matrix (1999) video game series, now relies on potent blue pills to keep his inner demons at bay. Then, amid inexplicable, reality-defying visions, Thomas spots Tiffany, a familiar-looking perfect stranger evoking strange emotions, and his already fragile mental state starts to deteriorate. As Mr Anderson yearns for an explanation while teetering on the brink of depression, once more, he confronts a pressing dilemma and the burden of choice. On the one hand, blissful ignorance guarantees the illusion of safety. On the other hand, the unbearable truth of reality can only mean one thing: the elaborate Matrix goes beyond the limits of imagination. But, somehow, Thomas already knows what he has to do. However, does he want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? Written by Nick Riganas