In the Web of Time 1989 720p BluRay x264-BiPOLAR


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Group: BiPOLAR

Genres: Short / Mystery

#1 TS

#2 SBS

#3 FF

#4 TD

#5 IPT

#6 TL

#7 SPC

#8 ST

#9 SA

Writer(s): Robert Welles Ritchie

Year: 1917

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George Brule, owner of the New York Chronicle, instructs Tom Grant, his star police reporter, to investigate a series of thefts of bonds reported by the president of the Merrimac Trust Co. Brule's son, Harry, is an employee in this bank. Grant is taken on as a clerk in the Merrimac's bond department, and notices that Harry Brule acts as though he had a load on his mind. Confident that his employer's son knows something about the thefts, Grant watches him with the aid of a pocket mirror. He sees him take some bonds, stuff them in an inner pocket and hurry out of the office. Grant follows. The trail leads to a flashy restaurant. Brule is evidently in the toils of a dark haired demi-monde. He sends her to the telephone. As they leave the restaurant in a taxi, Grant follows in another one. Entering a mean looking alleyway, Grant sees that the girl has blindfolded young Brule. Before he has gone more than a few paces into this entrance court, Grant is engaged by two burly negroes who fight so viciously that the pair he is trailing have disappeared when he is again free. Inside the shabby looking house Brule comes face to face with the Spider, a master criminal, and the man who is swinging the stock, deals that are to make everybody rich. Brule turns over his bonds to the Spider to be used as collateral for additional speculating. Grant, by a series of almost impossible roof climbing, gains entrance to the Spider's quarters. The birds have flown. But he has the proofs, and they involve a well-known bucket shop proprietor who undoubtedly has all the stolen bonds. After a spectacular exit out of the Spider's retreat by means of the gutter pipes. Grant confronts this broker and obtains the bonds. It is now his painful duty to report to his employer that his own son has been the indiscreet thief. The story is hushed up and young Brule promises his father to make what amends he can for his wrongdoing. Written by Moving Picture World synopsis