Apokawixa 2022 WEB H264-FLAME


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Type: XVID

Files/Size: 2 F/933.01 MB

Group: FLAME

Genres: Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

#1 AR

#2 RTT

#3 DC

#4 TS

#5 TBy

#6 ME

#7 nC

#8 AL

Writer(s):Krzysztof Bernas / Maciej Kazula / Xawery Zulawski


Rating / Votes:5.5 /436




The story of a group of high school graduates who - tired of successive lockdowns - decide to organize a "melange of life" at the seaside. Despite the alarmingly high concentration of cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea and cases of strange infections, everything initially goes normally - the beach, dancing, sex, drinking, love and disappointment. From the minute to the minute, however, the whole thing starts to spin out of control . Written by G