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Type: TV-X264

Files/Size: 65 F / 3068.67 MB

Group: BRUiNS

Genres: Action_Comedy_Crime

Director / Writers: Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla / Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla / Shyam Goel / Neeraj Vora

Year: 1999

Rating / Votes: 6.9 / 14.000



In order to settle personal scores with the Chief Minister Gayetri Bachchan; a wealthy business-man, Suraj Singh Thaper hires a contract killer to assassinate her; unfortunately before reaching the venue to kill the C.M. the killer meets with a vehicle accident which kill him instantly altering the CBI who decided to send one of their officer Deepak Malhotra whose code name is Baadshah on a mission called "Maa" so that he can conduct a through investigation. Unfortunately Thaper gets wind of this and also has Deepak killed in the process; replacing Baadshah is one of Thapar's henchman. But another man named Raj who is also called Baadshah gets mistaken for the one sent on the mission both by Thapar and the CBI. Calamity destructs Raj when Thapar abducts some of his friends and are holding them as hostages until he carry out the assassination of the C.M. Written by gavin (