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Genres: Comedy / Romance

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Writer(s): Diane Burroughs / Joey Gutierrez / Chris Bishop

Year: 2002

Rating / Votes: 7.5 / 7,175



Meet Bill and Judy Miller, a toilet salesman and a dental assistant, two high school lovers who turned in their wild lifestyle to get married years ago. Now, as they creep toward middle age, they have to deal with more "everyday" things, such as their three kids: their intelligent and (to Bill's horror) still sexually-unsure son Brian; their typical drama queen daughter Lauren; and their smug, sarcastic six year old, Tina. With Judy's desperate man-hunting sister Linda, Bill's interfering mother Louise, a lesbian couple living next door and other crazy characters around, it's no wonder that Bill and Judy constantly get into strange (and oft-hilarious) misadventures as they try to prove that they're not too old to have fun. Along the way, they always end up showing that they "still" love each other, no matter what. Written by ADDYADDICT