Julekongen S01E16 NORWEGiAN 1080p BluRay x264-GRUNDiG


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Type: TV-X264

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Group: GRUNDiG

Genres: Adventure / Family / Fantasy

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#2 TS

#3 TBy

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Writer(s): Lars Gudmestad / Harald Rosenløw-Eeg

Year: 2012

Rating / Votes: 6.9 / 158




Nine-year-old Kevin lives in a boring neighborhood in small town Sølvskogen (Silver Forest), with his rather eccentric middle class family. He is bullied at school, but too scared to say anything to anyone. But his life takes a solid turn when he in best Narnia style encounters the magic kingdom Ridderdalen (Knight Valley) with knights and a big castle. However, this kingdom has not celebrated Christmas in several years, because Queen Iris and her daughter mysteriously disappeared, along with a magical silver glove that was used to make snow with, and King Sølve went into depression and now lives out in the wild with no intention of coming back. Snerk, the king's dubious brother, desperately wants the throne, but is in no position to claim it without the glove. When Kevin arrives and brings snow from the other side, the residents of the kingdom mistakenly believes he has the ability to make snow. He is therefore appointed the new king, and promises that he will restore Christmas before Christmas Eve. But what happens when the people of Ridderdalen sooner or later finds out that Kevin is a fraud? Also, Kevin has to balance his new life with his old one, where he has to hide the truth from everyone; his family, including his curious little sister Mira; Eiril, his kindhearted new best friend; and Peder, his bully who will do anything to make Kevin's life as miserable as possible. Several plot twists also helps making this adventure all the more exciting. Written by The Norwegian Rocker