Nur ein bisschen Liebe 2009 German HDTVRip x264-NORETAiL


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Genres: Animation / Short / Drama / Romance

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Writer(s): Monja Art / Sebastian Leitner / Miha Veingerl

Year: 2006

Rating / Votes: 5.7 / 6



"Some wine and a bit of love" deals first of all with the love to the (Austrian) wine. One day long we go along with an impassioned wine drinker, let's call him Franz, indulging his passion: the drinking of wine - the careless life between fields and "Heurigen". He hitchhikes through his life till he suddenly - after some wine - meets a bit of love. And how he has always had got the right touch for the best wine he finally recognizes the right moment and - how could it be other than this - knows how to keep hold of it. Written by themoth-1